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RosaceaJeremy MascarenasComment

Research has indicated that Rosacea is caused by a parasite, a tiny mite that lives in your pores and hair follicles. They reproduce in the nose, cheeks, chin, and sometimes in the roots of the eyelashes. Rosacea can also go into the scalp. This tiny mite, with the name Domedex Falliculorum, has a worm-like appearance with legs and a tail.

Inflammation and infection often result when large numbers of these mites congregate in a single follicle. The mite lives head down in a follicle, feeding on secretions and dead skin. The female may lay up to 25 eggs in a single follicle. As they become tightly packed, they leave the follicle, mate, and find a new follicle. This takes anywhere from 14 to 18 days.

This mite has been associated with acne, dermatitis, irritated dry skin, sore skin, eczema, skin ulcers, and poorly healing wounds.

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