Dr Ku's Ointment

All Natural

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Condition: Severe Acne

Result: Acne and redness gone

Duration: Noticed difference within days, acne was gone in 2 weeks.

Comments: I was given a bottle of Dr. Ku's and after applying small amounts, the acne and bumps were gone. My wife was absolutely in shock. We would recommend Dr. Ku's to anyone!

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Condition: Steam burn

Result: Immediate relief from pain

Duration: The burn healed in a few days.

Comments: I burned my arm when I took off the radiator cap in my car. I applied Dr. Ku's and the pain stopped almost immediately, and the burn did not blister or peel.

Condition: Dog has hot spots

Result: Immediate relief

Duration: Only a few days

Comments: My dog had a large hot spot on her upper leg and hind area. It healed and disappeared instantly after applying Dr. Ku's Pet Formula.

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Condition: Nettle Sting

Result: Stopped pain and itching

Duration: Healed almost immediately

Comments: I applied Dr. Ku's Ointment after putting my arm in some nettle leaves. The pain and itching stopped almost immediately. There were no red marks or further itching after using the ointment.

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Condition: Animal Injury

Result: It cleared up the issue

Duration: Healed in one week

Comments: I have a tom cat that was injured outdoors. We applied Dr. Ku’s ointment and it cleared up in a week and has not bothered him since.

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Condition: Dog Ear Mites

Result: Cleared up the mites

Duration: Healed in about 1 week

Comments: My dog had ear mites and scratched his ears constantly until I watered down some Dr. Ku’s ointment and squirted it on his ears. Cleared right up!


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Condition: Sore on Forehead

Result: Cleared up the sore

Duration: Skin was clear after a week

Comments: My dad had a sore on his forehead that just would not go away. I gave him some of Dr. Ku’s and seen results right away.

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Condition: Rash on arm

Result: Cleared up the rash

Duration: A couple of days

Comments: I had a red rash on my arms for months, nothing worked. Then one day I saw my husband’s bottle of Dr. Ku and tried it out. It only took a couple of days and my rash was gone.

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Condition: Bad Acne

Result: Cleared up acne

Duration: One week

Comments: I contacted Dr. Ku to help my daughter with her acne. She suffered for years with acne, having no results from any other product. Dr. Ku left her skin unblemished after a week.

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Condition: Helped with Cyst

Result: Helped shrink the cyst

Duration: A few days

Comments: My mother had a cyst on her neck that would not go away for months. I decided to check out Dr. Ku. I gave her the bottle and in a few days the cyst shrunk down to a blemish.

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Condition: Itchy Dog

Result: Helped with the itchiness

Duration: This helps get rid of what is on his skin and soothes the itch.

Comments: My dog was itching horribly, which usually happens when he has a parasite. I treat him with Dr. Ku’s ointment diluted with water and mixed with his shampoo and give him a bath. Works Great!

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Condition: Itchy Dog

Result: Helped with the itchiness

Duration: This helps get rid of what is on his skin and soothes the itch.

Comments: I love this stuff! I wish I had known about it a long time ago. I don’t have morning break outs anymore and helps hydrate and skin tone evenness.